( Big thanks to everyone for their support and especially to
Mandy and Gary Hammersley for starting this campaign)

– particularly Charlotte

- Committee

Bish, Mark, Linda, Jess, Helen, Wendy and Jason without whom

wouldn’t be happening.

The 50+ volunteers who answered the initial appeal for help, trained as
Clinic Welcomers and Clinic Counsellors, gave up endless hours of their
own time to man the Clinics in truly professional and friendly way and
who made each and every Clinic such a successful and enjoyable event!

Creation of Web Pages – David Williams – Matt’s  (Grandad) Taid

Chris Ramsden.

Supply of paper – Robert Horne (Business Papers)

Delivery/Collection – H Dillon Services –

Logo Design – Itarus

Printing – Mike Salt

Gary Kierman

Manufacture of Beanies – Mattie Stewart MST Teamwear

Admission Tickets – Phil Staniford - Laser Zone  Hullabaloo

Selected Photographs – Natalie and Jamie – Natalie James Photography –

Purchase of Beanies for Saints Game on 5th – Mick Spittle – The Qube