The prime objective of  Matt's Match is to encourage as many people as possible to attend a Recruitment Clinic and volunteer to become a potential donor.

This is what saves lives!

Be a Match Save a Life!

Matt's Match  is about raising awareness of the importance of bone marrow donation as well as publicising the Clinics to which we are appealing to you to attend please.

We are extremely fortunate to have received many generous offers of help, be they peoples' time or services. There will inevitably be some cost incurred, although it is our sincerest intention to keep these to a minimum.

Anthony Nolan is responsible for the majority of  the costs involved in a campaign appeal.


Examples of some of these costs include:
    * 15 is the average cost of a spit kit used for taking a donor's saliva sample for testing to determine if they are a lifesaver

    * 50 is the average cost for a potential life saver's saliva to be tissue typed and identified as a potential life saver

    * 125 is the average cost of recruiting and maintaining a donor onto the register which increases the chance of finding a bone marrow match for patients.


Initially monies received by Matt's Match will be used to cover campaign expenses, surplus funds will be divided between the hospitals in Leicester, Birmingham and Northampton [ the wards where Matt has spent some time] and Anthony Nolan.

If you would like to donate to Matt's Match simply click on CONTACT US and let us know. By return we will send you details of how to proceed.

Our grateful thanks go the people who have either made a financial donation through fundraising or by donating their services in order for us to run