Events and Donations

Sandra Halliwell for holding the ‘Old Bags T Party’ and raising £700

   Madge Brown for kindly donating £5

   Nationwide for promoting and holding a clinic and donating £250

         For funding the beanies and everyone who sold and purchased one £1,158.86

ON’s Girl team £25

Peach Family for kindly donating £15

Anonymous donations at Clinics £40

Johnson Family for kindly donating £10

Molton Family for kindly donating £20

NCC Finance very kindly donated £205.17 instead of sending Xmas cards

Sale of Plum puddings £108

Under 10’s ON’s players Joe Heslop and Lewis Beasley
selflessly giving their birthday money £150

Parish Joinery kindly donating £250

Sally and Malcolm Ward kindly donating £100

Eclipse kindly donating £1,500 and giving Matt personal presents at
Christmas and the New Year

Matt’s Nain and Taid £250